Bonaventure was born in 2020 out of a crisis when farmers we knew in Honduras lost commitments from buyers in response to the uncertainty of pandemic conditions.  Benjamin Paz and Kevin Bohlin launched the Bonaventure Project together by committing to these vulnerable coffees and producers in order to open the way for roasters who wanted more connection and meaning in their offerings.  

Restoring a year’s worth of work in potentially lost coffees and salaries for families was remarkable enough, but what is most compelling for us is the long term relationships many roasters developed with some of these producers and their families.  Our shared connection creates a safer and more sustainable community that gives greater courage and trust between farmers and roasters for quality and economic viability.  

Since then we’ve embraced that space inviting even more roasters and producers into a more engaging and relational way of trading coffee both across North America into Latin America and East Africa.