We launched the Bonaventure Project in 2020 with thirty producers on Santa Barbara Mountain and a handful of people collaborating to get these microlots to as many roasters.  We have continued on with these same producers and an  enthusiastic core group of roasters and buyers.

We are now carrying this same torch from Santa Barbara Honduras into the jungles of Bolivia and the legendary volcanoes of Guatemala.  Our longtime relationship with the Long Miles Coffee Project is also creating new opportunities in Burundi, Kenya and even Uganda.  

Below are a few of the people and teams that make up the Bonaventure Coffee Project community from producers to partner roasters and the Bonaventure team working to make these connections. 


We are representing nearly 30 individual producers from the major villages of Santa Barbara as well as a handful of others from beyond the mountain seeking opportunity and connection.  The bulk of these are located in the historic villages of El Cielito with producers like Juan Benitez and his son Ismael. In addition to these villages there are exceptional coffees from other Santa Barbara villages Las Flores, El Sauce, La Leona, and Los Andes.  

Most of these producers farm between one half to one full acre of land producing between ten to twelve 69kg bags of green coffee but representative lots can range from one to four bags all the way to forty bags.  We look forward to inviting you to learn more and connect to coffees of these people and places but here are some examples of the coffees we are honored to share. 



While he has performed every job at his family’s Beneficio San Vicente over the years, we believe that Benjamin Paz’ most significant role is facilitating the relationships between growers and buyers. He works tirelessly to drive the sustainable interests and needs of the producers along with the quality interests of buyers all founded on the principle of relationship and commitment. If you speak with any coffee professional who has tasted these coffees and worked with this community you will see their eyes light up and hear them speak with a sense of pride, enthusiasm and ownership. This truly is a special place with truly special people. The community and collaborative spirit has grown and cultivated such excellent coffee and that spirit has been led by the Paz family. Amazing.

Kevin Bohlin founded Saint Frank Coffee with a drive to integrate relational connection, quality and service throughout the supply stream. The relationship coffee sourcing model for Saint Frank was cultivated on the Santa Barbara Mountain of Honduras with Beneficio San Vicente. Over the years Kevin has connected numerous roasters and buyers to Benjamin Paz and these inspiring producers, some of which are now household specialty coffee brand names and some are small family run businesses much like the producers themselves.  Kevin believes that the mission of collaboration and inclusive personal and communal growth for the people that make up the supply stream is a human one worth pursuing at the expense of competition and transactional exclusivity.


We are partnering with a number of exciting roasters from all over the country from a range of sizes.  We have been so encouraged by the response of courage and sincerity from wonderful business owners and green buyers from those just getting their young roasting operation off the ground to established companies with well earned reputations.